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Desley Lock Naturopathy is a functional medicine clinic located in Toowoomba. Desley is the proud owner and practitioner, serving residents from the local area, including:
  • Toowoomba
  • Roma
  • St. George
  • Dalby
  • Oakey
  • Gatton
  • Warwick
  • Stanthorpe
  • Tenterfield
Everyone is welcome at my clinic. For treatment of a variety of conditions—hormone imbalances, gut health concerns, chronic pain, and many other health issues—come to Desley Lock Naturopathy.

Here you will benefit from a detailed evaluation followed by holistic treatment and a carefully considered health management plan.


About Desley Lock

Desley Lock is a practicing naturopath with more than 26 years of experience and holds the title of Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine.

All patients are welcome at the clinic. Desley’s studies and practice encompassed specific interest in Women’s Health, making the clinic particularly popular with women.

Desley is passionate about treating patients using functional medicine techniques. This systematic approach identifies the drivers of disease and focuses on treatments that will help prevent recurring problems.

Functional medicine techniques can also help determine an effective approach to the management of chronic pain.
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Inside the Clinic

I use an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to investigate your health concerns. The goal of functional medicine is to help prevent illness by taking care of imbalances early on, before they manifest as a disease.

Using advanced pathology techniques, I can learn more about the underlying problems and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. These pathology tests examine digestion, adrenal and hormonal imbalances, and can include sophisticated urine, stool, and saliva testing.

At your initial consultation, a full health appraisal will be completed. It will include both functional and standard pathology, blood pressure monitoring, weight measurements, live blood analysis, and heavy metal testing as required.

You will receive personal lifestyle and dietary advice based on the results of your evaluation. If needed, appropriate vitamin, mineral, and herbal synergistic supplements would be prescribed as needed.

You are certain to appreciate the health improvement programs offered at Desley Lock Naturopathy. It is my aim to help transform health problems and bring about a newfound sense of wellbeing in every client.
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